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Happy Halloween!
Tricks for calming and treats for spoiling
Trick or treat! No frights here, just furry favourites!
Perfect for spooky season, make it a Howl-o-Ween to remember with a selection of scarily good treats and tempting toys that will spoil your four-legged friend.
Calming solutions for spooked pets this Halloween
Not every pet loves fright night, so be sure to keep them relaxed and relieved with comforting and calming options that will remedy feelings of unease or distress.
Solutions and suggestions
The best products for your pet
Here for pets, here for pet parents
Helpful content for fur families
Best cat treats
On the hunt for paw-lickingly good cat treats? Look no further. From celebrating your cat’s birthday to caring for your kitten, we’ve put together a list of our favourite...
Best dog toys for your dog’s personality
Does your dog value their sleep over anything else? Would they do anything for a bag of treats? Are they constantly in ‘play’ mode?...
Dog harnesses vs. dog collars
Although regular dog walks are an easy way to win your pooch’s heart, choosing between a harness and a collar might not be quite so straightforward...
Different types of pet supplements
The amount of supplements available for your pet has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, meaning it has become increasingly difficult to know which...
The best of Paws
Personalised pet care
Personalised plans allows you to tailor your pet's diet and treatments, giving them all they need to thrive.
On-demand pet services
For peace of mind, our on-demand services, including insurance and online vet, are always there for you.
Repeat Order
Their favourite food, treats and essential treatments, delivered as often as you need them.
Our delivery options
From next day to named day, let us make your life easier with our fast and convenient delivery options.