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Car Safe Harness
Car Safe Harness
Car Safe Harness
This car harness for dogs ensures you and your dog travel safely and within the law on road trips. Using the unique CarSafe single loop webbing design approach, this car harness for dogs...  Read more

Car Safe Harness

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Car Safe Harness
Car Safe Harness
Car Safe Harness
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Product details

This car harness for dogs ensures you and your dog travel safely and within the law on road trips. Using the unique CarSafe single loop webbing design approach, this car harness for dogs ensure your dog is safely secured in the car while the product remains lightweight and comfortable. The Dog Travel Harness connects to your car seat belt system to create a safety harness for your dog, and features a padded chest piece for harness stability and comfort. Hi vis reflective provides extra visibility when needed. Securing your dog in the car when travelling also ensures you and other passengers stay safe and that you are in adherence with any applicable road law and insurance requirements on minimizing distraction from your dog when in the car. Suitable for a wide range of dog sizes and breeds, it can also be used as a walking harness for your dog when you arrive at your destination. 

DOG TRAVEL HARNESS to keep your dog safe and secure and ensures pet owners are within the law when transporting their dog in the car.   

ATTACHES TO CAR SEAT BELT system to create a secure safety harness for your pet. No additional extra connection strap required. 

HI VIS REFLECTIVE on front chest piece for extra visibility and safety at all times of year.  

PADDED CHEST AND NECK STRAP for extra cushioning to ensure your pet travels in comfort when in the car.  

DOG WALKING HARNESS this versatile car harness for dogs can be used as a conventional harness for walks, with metal d-ring for easy lead connection. 

Customer reviews

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  • Miracle Cure....
    The Clix No Bark Collar appears to work very well, quelling Stars needless barking. Only problem I've had with it, is whilst playing with my dog, despite having it set to noise, it accidentally went off in a continuous vibrate mode, which REALLY panicked him.
    Thingybobby - August 3, 2018
  • No bark collar
    I was initially delighted with this product as it stopped my yappy little dog in its tracks for the first few days and even helped stop him being aggressive towards other dogs. Unfortunately, after a few days he became used to the collar and it no longer controlled his barking and bad behaviour.
    Joan Franklin - January 25, 2018
  • Clix no bark collar
    I had a very anxious barking dog. Used the vibrate function which gently distracts and has really helped. We can now take the dog out amongst other people and dogs without the stress of her barking continuously. Excellent!!
    Anonymous April 25, 2017
  • It works a treat!!
    So we purchased this anti-bark collar in the hope that it stopped my 7 month old Labrador puppy from barking every time we went in the car, or met up with others for a walk etc... I have to say I was dubious to start with, but I have to say it works really well. We initially put in on to vibrate on a medium setting, and as soon as my dog barked it vibrated and put him off barking. We only use it as a deterrent, to enable him to learn when not to bark.
    Mr Miller - October 28, 2016
  • Amazing!
    I bought the Clix No Bark collar for my springer spaniel who used to bark constantly when we went in the car driving to the country for her walk. The collar arrived last Thursday so I popped it straight on and went for a drive - on the whole journey which used to be a very long 15 minutes there were just 2 little barks. It's now 4 days on and I can honestly say that driving to the country has once again become a peaceful drive thanks to the Clix collar. I would totally recommend this to anyone! :-)
    Wendy from Bolton - October 26, 2016