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Renal Cat Food

Renal cat foods are specifically tailored to the needs of cats who suffer from kidney (renal) disease. Feeding a therapeutic diet is a very simple way for you to care for your pet, and it can really help to maintain and improve your cat’s quality of life.

Renal cat foods contain high quality protein in a smaller quantity than regular foods. This is because protein is broken down in the gut to make the ‘building blocks’ needed for growth and repair, but when your pet’s kidneys are working poorly, this can’t be done effectively, meaning uremic toxins build up in the blood. To minimise the toxic effect, renal diet foods contain a smaller amount of higher quality protein which the cat is able to digest and use to greater effect.

Renal diets also contain a restricted phosphate content, as the presence of phosphates in your cat’s diet can accelerate kidney failure. Research has shown that foods which are specifically formulated to meet these two needs (lower protein and lower phosphate content) provide significant long term health benefits to cats who suffer from kidney disease.