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Ready up those cosy snuggle spots and be creative with indoor adventure with our collection of gifts and accessories for cat lovers.
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Plan for hours of fun with a selection of toys for every type of cat personality
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Accessories for every personality, from playful kittens to independent felines

Get ready to get cosy with a range of cat beds suited and booted for our deep sleepers, those that prefer a little (or a lot) of private time and those that simply enjoy lazing in open plan luxury. Snuggle into the new season with den-like cat caves and igloo beds they’ll love, made to help your cat feel safe and secure for their afternoon nap. Another great way to harbour their outdoor adventures inside during the colder months, is with tunnels! You can even use cardboard boxes for a quick home fix. Cat tunnels are a great way let them exhibit their typical wild behaviours, like playing hide and seek! Well, hunt... We also have a great collection of cat scratching tunnels for areas with less space than others.

Entertainment is also key, even for the fussiest of felines! And their fulfilment can often change between seasons. Playing games with your cat, particularly those that prefer to be indoors, is key to keep them stimulated and engaged throughout the year. One way guaranteed to keep the happy purrs coming is a great variety of cat toys, and we have some for every purrsonality!

Looking to cause mayhem and get their exercise levels up? Our collection of laser toys for cats or chase and teaser toys are ideal for your pouncing partner. Wall mounted furniture for indoor adventures, imaginative cat trees and durable scratching posts can provide instant indoor stimulation when the months start to get colder.

For the quizzical types, choose from an array of interactive toys to always keep them guessing/on their paws, as well as puzzle feeders for cats of all sizes (and to help control their appetite changes in the colder months!) An everyday essential that blends toys with treats, are the ever popular catnip treat dispenser toys. Challenge your feline friends to play and work out how to get to their treats, or discover the new range of interactive catnip toys.

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