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Dental health and caring for your pet’s oral care
Just like Yoko, if your pet could talk... they’d bring up their dental health
Putting your pet’s teeth and gums first doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive, with solutions and products that make bad breath a thing of the past. Whether you’re on the lookout for chews that promote oral health, treats that multitask or targeted products that will keep those gnashers on top form.
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From dental chew sticks to treats that will keep teeth sparkling
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Tailored products to introduce to your pet’s grooming sessions
Food for maintenance
Make dental care an everyday part of their daily feeding routine
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Dental guide for cats and dogs
Many pets experience dental problems. As one of the most common health issues facing both cats and dogs, it’s really important to look after their teeth and gums from an early age. Not only is tooth...
4 easy ways to improve your dog’s bad breath
Noticed that your dog has bad breath all of a sudden? Struggling to hunt down any tasty dog chews that won’t break teeth? Unsure what to do if your dog has...
How to clean adult dog teeth without brushing
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