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Pawfectly earth-friendly
Celebrate World Environment Day with our selection of natural food choices, from organic options to vegan favourites
Love your pet & the planet…
Make looking after your pet an even more rewarding experience by driving positive action for our planet. How? With a few simple tweaks.

The first step in reducing your carbon ‘paw’ print is by ordering more but less often. Repeat Orders make this really easy! Not only will you reduce packaging waste and emissions – you will benefit from automatic deliveries that save you time and money.

You can also make mealtimes more eco-friendly by buying ethically made pet food. Edgard & Cooper, Canine Choice, Beco, Lily’s Kitchen, Forthglade and Harringtons are all brands that use natural ingredients, biodegradable materials or are certified for sustainability.

These are all seemingly tiny gestures, but they carry great significance. After all, it’s the little things that go a long way!
Canine Choice: only the best ingredients, in a sustainable packaging.
Did you know, Canine Choice pet food is produced in a carbon-neutral factory? But it’s not just gentle on the planet. All recipes are grain-free, gently cooked and 100% natural – meaning they are gentle on your pet’s digestion, too.
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