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Find tailored products that are perfectly suited to your dog’s lifestyle
Finding the right food for your dog
As a pet parent, building a healthy eating routine and getting into good habits can help your pooch live their best life.

From tailored dietary needs and finding tasty recipes they’ll love to knowing how often you should give them treats, finding that balance is key.

Did you know that vets estimate over half of the dog population in the UK is considered overweight? Knowing how much to feed your furry companion and what diet is best suited to them can be tricky to navigate, so let us take the guesswork out…
We understand that every dog is different
Knowing what accessories and treatments to give your dog all depends on lifestyle factors and their individual personality, from how active they are on a daily basis and if they’re more sociable, to the environment they’re exposed to during certain seasons. We’ve made it easy to shop their essentials with our bespoke bundles, specifically designed to suit your dog and their lifestyle.
Need some help or inspiration?
Does my pet need supplements?
Multivitamins and supplements are popular in the pet care world. From fish oil to probiotics, there’s a variety of products to complement your pet’s diet.
The origin of the human-dog bond
Ever wondered how dogs came to be man’s best friend? You may not know this, but there is a potential genetic explanation as to why dogs are so sociable towards us humans when compared with other domesticated species
How to help your pet lose weight
Is your pet carrying a little extra weight? Leaning on the tubby side? If it's time to get them back in shape, here are ten tips you can use to help your furry friend shed the pounds