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Our story
Pet care, up close and personal.
We are Paws, and we’re setting a new standard in pet care, tailored to the personalised needs of every cat and dog. We’re committed to health and wellbeing, from vet-powered plans to targeted nutrition.
New chapter, new priorities
When Fetch met Paws
Paws, supported by Fetch, is powered by over 20 years of pet industry expertise. Launched by vets, we’re always evolving to give you (and your pet) the best experience. We’ve recently doubled our team of in-house vets, grown our health and nutrition team, expanded our product range and now offer pet-first services, like insurance and personalised plans. It’s an exciting time, and we’re just getting started.
Tried and tested
Powered by vets
Reliable sources are just that, reliable. We know the importance of expertise when it comes to our fur family, and so we’ve expanded our in-house team so there are more qualified advisors than ever before.

Our Customer Service team are specially trained to recommend products and suggest treatments that are suited specifically to your pet. As well as being genuinely passionate about pet care and providing sound advice, we also have qualified (RAMA's) Registered Animal Medicines Advisor's making them the best in the business to offer product pointers for specialist needs, breeds and conditions.
Our specialist subject
Call us the cat and dog people
We’re cat and dog specialists, and proud to be so. We’ve designd our website to make it easier than ever for cat and dog parents to make informed choices for their pet. Whether that’s food, treatments or supplements, our personalised recommendations are there for you, whatever the budget, breed or age of your pet.
Tailor made
Personalised plans
Every dog and cat has individual needs. This is why we’ve developed a wellbeing service that is tailored to each animal and their pet parent. If your furry has a specific condition or an allergy that needs noting; no problem. If your particular pooch doesn’t like lamb, we’ll remember to keep it off the menu. Or if you’d prefer to feed them less grains and more meat, our clever algorithm can handle that too. Each pet is different; and that counts.
Because business should be personal
Our team
When we say we’re pet people and proud, we mean it in the most literal sense. Our team is a group of real-life pet parents, with cats and dogs that we consider family.

It’s for this reason that we care so much, we’re genuinely passionate about providing the right products, suggesting the best care and recommending great services, because we’ve been there, and have the pet hair-covered T-shirts to prove it.
Everything under one (furry) roof
All you need, all in one place.
Tailor-made insurance
With our panel of top insurance providers you can be sure to find cover that's right for you and your pet
On-demand healthcare
Get connected to a vet in 90 seconds. No appointments, no hassle, just reassurance when you need it.
Repeat and save
Make life easier with our Repeat Order option. Not only will it save you money, but you’ll never run out of food or forget a treatment again.
Beyond the bowl
For all cats and dogs
Pets bring so much joy to our lives, but not every animal experiences the love and warmth of a family. Our commitment to supporting all cats and dogs is unwavering, and so each time you buy food from us, we’ll feed a cat or dog that’s not nearly as loved or as lucky as yours.
Meet the Paws family
Find out more about our cat and dog wellbeing business